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veterinarianDr. Lou Tierce, 71, with the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, surrendered at the Tarrant County Jail on Wednesday evening - he was arrested then released after posting bail. An arrest warrant was issued for that veterinarian, to get a control of animal cruelty, after having a couple came forward which has a complaint accusing the doctor of telling them that their dog was euthanized months ago, when the dog was actually being kept alive, supposedly in order for your clinic to utilize him for blood transfusions.

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Jamie and Marian Harris had brought their 170 pound dog in to the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic over six months ago for the minor anal gland issue. After weeks of unsuccessful treatments along with a quick deterioration in the dog's overall health, Dr. Tierce recommended Sid be euthanized. The family said their heartbreaking goodbyes and informed that Sid can be laid to rest at Tierce's own farm.

As previously stated, the Bachelor of Science in Veterinarian Technology is really a 4 year program, thought some schools are providing it a 3 and a half year program. Approximately 128 credits have to graduate, since this varies by program and the courses each school offers. The cost of a course will likely be approximately $40,000.
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