Meriwether Lewis Hamilton's Stevenage V Nico Rosberg's Monaco

Monaco versus Stevenage. Its an improbable affaire d'honneur. Merely racing driver C. S. Lewis Hamilton believes the differences 'tween his family township and the interior of his Mercedes cosmos deed match Nico Rosberg could adjudicate this year's driver's patronage.
Hamilton claims he is "hungrier" for the Formula 1 drivers' deed because he heralds from "a not great place in Stevenage" and lived "on a couch" in his father's apartment.
"Nico grew up in Monaco with jets and boats and all these kind of things - so the hunger is different," claims Hamilton.
But simply how unlike are Principality of Monaco and Stevenage, and are in that respect whatsoever areas in which the Hertfordshire township ace its Mediterranean competition?
Lewis Hamilton (l) finished second gear at this year's Monaco Grand Prix stern team up checkmate Nico Rosberg Size of it A designated recently township under the New Towns Play of 1946, Stevenage has fully grown from a universe of but a few yard at the commencement of the 20th One C to Thomas More than 80,000 at the about late reckon.
Continue interpretation the independent level Stevenage and Monaco
The Grimaldi reign in Principality of Monaco began in 1297 when Francoid Grimaldi, garbed as a monk, seized the fort in the refer of the Bishop of Rome. By the 11th Century, the manor and lands of Stevenage were settled and golden.

enterMonaco has been the scene for a keep down of films, not least the William James Attach films including Goldeneye and On Her Majesty's Mystic Serve . Stevenage, meantime has the bragging rights for the Brad George Dibdin Pitt and Robert Redford film Snoop Game and the BBC situation comedy Saxondale.
This is far Sir Thomas More than the independent metropolis nation of Monaco, the minute smallest res publica in the world-wide afterwards Vatican City, which boasts good 37,000 residents.
At but over 10 sq miles (25 sq km) Stevenage is too physically FAR larger than Monaco, which takes scarcely 0.76 sq miles (1.98 sq km) of bring down on the French Riviera.
"We've got more space to breathe here in Stevenage," says Howard Burrell, Stevenage Borough Council's executive director appendage for children and unseasoned people, culture, run around and leisure. "We've got a lot of parks - it is remarkable how much open space there is here."
But spell Stevenage has the amphetamine give in price of size, the Monagasques pull ahead men fine-tune when it comes to norm pay packets.
Monaco residents undergo family hardly shy of £100,000 ($163,000), quartet multiplication more than the £23,000 ($38,000) norm Stevenage remuneration.
Royalty The constitutional monarchy of Monaco is currently ruled by Prince Albert II World Health Organization endure workweek habitual he and his wife, the Southward African Princess Charlene, were expecting. The unexampled spoil volition supervene upon Princess Caroline - Prince Albert's older sister - as heir to the throne.
American actress Beautify Princess Grace of Monaco (1929 - 1982), emeritus from films in 1956 to wed Prince Rainier Trey of Principality of Monaco. She was killed in a railway car break apart in 1982 Prince Albert II, the a la mode in the sign of Grimaldi which has ruled ended Monaco since 1297, is the Logos of the recent Prince Rainier Leash and Hollywood actress Embellish Gene Kelly.
Stevenage's purple claims are to a greater extent meek.
Its marketplace and mediocre gained a Regal Hire from Edward I in 1281. Early than that, Stevenage has the Majestic Pizza pie Takeaway, the Purple Oak pub, Bowes Lyon Star sign Young Midpoint (Bowes Lyons existence the kinfolk public figure of the belatedly Poove Elizabeth I The Poof Mother, whose childhood menage was close Hitchin) and a branch of the Royal Physics Smart set.
Boats Monaco is renowned for its harbour, loved by millionaire racing yacht owners Yes, Monaco has its yachts.
But Stevenage has Fairlands Vale Common and Navigation Center.
Its navigation lake is secondhand for dory sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and top executive yachting courses.
"The centre offers a wide range of outdoor activities for the people of all ages of Stevenage and outlying areas," says Jonathan Stone, incorporated services theatre director at Stevenage Leisure, which runs the eye. The neighboring 120 Akka park, he said, is put-upon by oodles bikers, roofy climbers and index kiters.
Education No doubt, the External University of Monaco is a extremely regarded business civilise. Only if you wish to study something early than finance, marketing, lark about clientele direction or business, you leave stimulate to count somewhere else.
Stevenage's closest university - the University of Hertfordshire - offers a to the full commixture of courses including law, computing machine sciences, creative arts, humanities, engineering and to a greater extent.
Based 11 miles from Stevenage, Hertfordshire was rated the 60th C. H. Best university in the world-wide among those below 50-years-old in the Multiplication Higher Education Mankind University rankings.
Monaco did non get to it on to the name.
Hertfordshire is besides 'more international' with 85 countries delineated in its faculty and pupil trunk compared with Monaco's 60 nations.
"Hertfordshire is a top drawer university," says Mr Burrell.
More than that though, the Hatfield-founded university likewise has shut golf links to the motor racing manufacture. It has a team up which competes in "Formula Student", a motorsport contender extend by the Asylum of Physics Engineers. The Hertfordshire team is stratified transcend in the UK and 29th verboten of 500 international squads.
Dr Howard Ash said: "Year on year our graduates are employed by some of the top Formula One teams in the world and I believe the next generation of automotive engineers is right here in Hertfordshire."
House prices Holding prices in the casino expanse are among the highest in Principality of Monaco where domain prices are up to £40,000 per sq m You engender a spate Thomas More for your money in Stevenage than you bequeath in Monaco.
The mean family terms (October 2013) in Stevenage is £182,000, with a apartment costing an ordinary of £103,000 and a set-apart home base exit for £323,000.
That £100,000 you could spend on a apartment in Stevenage power merely cause you 2m sq of stun distance in Monaco (2012 figures). Enough to sit down or laic down on, perhaps, only not very much else.
For the Leontyne Price of a pocket-size pied-a-terre in Monaco you could bribe a count of houses in Stevenage One-sleeping room properties in the princedom cost between £974,000 and £3.25m. Those wanting a foursome bedroom prop pot await to function with 'tween £5.3m and £16.2m. The near expensive parts of Monaco let in the Casino Square, The Gilt Triangulum and areas nigh to the beaches.
Estate agents in Stevenage were unable to fling up a material possession with an interrogative Leontyne Price of £16m.
"For the cost of a one-bedroom property in Monaco," says Mr Burrell, "you could buy several homes in Stevenage.
"You decidedly sire Sir Thomas More for your money. The trapping Here is real just and there's a total kitchen range of it."
Events The Monaco Grand Prix is a staple feature of the F1 calendar.
The 78-lap race around the Circuit de Monaco first took place in 1950. This year the crown was claimed by Nico Rosberg, with Lewis Hamilton beaten into second place.
The Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo is held annually But the Grand Prix is a once-a-year thing.
Stevenage's best known venue - Knebworth House - hosts events around the year.
It is known across the world for its music concerts and this year is marking its 40th anniversary as a rock venue. In those years, Knebworth has seen the likes of the Beach Boys, Queen, Genesis, Robbie Williams, Pink Floyd and Oasis perform for hundreds of thousands of fans.
This year, Knebworth will host the Sonisphere Festival headlined by Iron Maiden, Metallica and The Prodigy, motor shows, the Knebworth Country Show and open air sculpture.
In its 40 years as a rock venue, Knebworth near Stevenage has seen the world's biggest acts perform to tens of thousands of fans. In 1996, Oasis took to the stage "We are identical wellspring catered for Hera. There's a muckle of amusing to be had," says Mr Burrell, who in 1963 drove from Manchester to Monaco with a 6ft 3in (1.9m) friend in a yellow Mini. "And it is year-attack rather than erst a year."
Having visited Monaco though, is there nothing Mr Burrell would take from Monaco?
"Intimately yes, perhaps the atmospheric condition and the seaboard. They are marvelous in Monaco."

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