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Hello Jesusa My name is Yuri Lashuk. I have bought this iphon 5 through your service on line for my daughter's birthday which was 9 th of April in order she could get the present in time. I am really screwed up with your request! Because I have never ever seen in my life that such a service like yours on line requested me to E-MAIL! a copy of my credit card! I am totally disappointed as it is not secure and illegal to ask me to do this! You use my money for already more then 10 days and did not inform me about the reason for delay. The question is why did you accept the payment if you need any additional information! For this time I could find the way to buy this item somewhere else! I hope you can find solution as soon as possible to send the item to my daughter's address as I m going to undertake some measures to reply on your irresponsible actions regarding my time, money and satisfaction of the order I have done on line with your service. I have provided you with all necessary information before I did the payment. Any other problems are concerned to your service and not to my time and my money. So if you have any questions please call me to New Zealand on +64 33582411. I can provide you with copy of my ID as you wish but I would never e-mail a copy of my credit card! All details of my credit card can be confirmed by my bank ANZ. I look forward for the further contacts! With respect Yuri On Apr 12, 2013, at 16:23, Jesusa wrote: ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (#1920) has been updated. Reply to this email or click the link below: Jesusa (Support) Apr 12 14:23 (EST) Hi Maria, This is a courtesy letter to inform you that your order has been received by No Worries. I am writing with reference to the order 100003103 , this is to let you know that in order to process and deliver the said order on our end, our bank requires further indentification of the transaction due to random transactions. And because of this reason we need to request the following documents from you. Below are the list. 1.Scanned copy of their ID (licence/passport) 2.Scanned copy of the actual credit card used for the transaction (front-only is enough) 3.Emailed to; with the Order number and Ticket number of the case in the Subject title 4. Scanned copy of bank statement or paypal with the address showing on the copy Order Number - 100003103 Ticket Number - 1920 Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us or call us. This will enable us to handle your inquiry expediently and to work together with you to achieve a resolution to your satisfaction. We hope that we may continue to rely on your valued custom. Thanks for your question(s). Regards, Jesusa No Worries Team 1300 541 596 Yuri But your part of agreement as a seller did not completed without any motivated reason Jesusa My General Manager is already proceeding with refund. Yuri You also can not refuse the fact that you have got my money already and therefore your statement about refund is illegal according to your company policy so please make sure that I do not prove the refund! If your General Manager is looking for a problem with Australian authority to be checked with the quality of your business, I m ready to proceed! It looks like you get money from your customers and use them for some time and then do refund Jesusa We have already processed refund on our end. The money will reflect 2-3 business days on your account. 7:39 pm Yuri I m going to my bank tomorrow to make application for investigation this matter 7:41 pm Please note I did not give my agreement on your action! So your General Manager suppose to keep answer for the refund you are going to do! Jesusa I am documenting all chat conversations, Yuri. Rest assured that everything is documented and recorded. 7:46 pm Yuri In case of refund I will loose my money on exchange rate, that and the other reasons why you asked me to email to you the copy of my credit card will be investigated by Australian authority 7:47 pm That is very good that I can use all this recording for my purpose
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